Montana Container Storage
Montana Container Storage

Our Containers are easy to use, secure, and durable

CLR Services Steel Storage Containers:

These are some typical dimensions for our steel containers. However, we can also offer custom modifications based on your ideas.



Door Openings

 Length: Width: Height: Length: Width: Height: Width: Height:
20ft  19’101/2″ 8′ 8’6″ 19’3″ 7’8″ 7′ 97/8 7’8″ 7’5″
40ft 40′ 8′ 8’6″ 39’5″ 7’8″ 7′ 97/8 7’8″ 7’5″


Cubic Capacity:

Tare WT:

20ft 1,165 ft. 5,050
40ft 2,350 ft. 8,000 ft.




Some use ideas for our steel storage containers:




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